Lavender Wedding Dresses


Lavender is so classic, it's practically a natural. While the pastel color continues to be traditionally associated with the spring, this couldn't be more versatile. Such as rose, lavender comes in a range of shades - from the gray-toned silver-esque violets, which are ideal for a winter wedding, towards the more orchid-like, pink-infused shades fit for warm-weather features. It's extra unique simply because it's a hue that can be go through as both warm as well as cool, depending on how it can fabricated. So you can easily look for a lavender bridesmaid dress it will work for your big day's time of year, style, and color system. Let’s take a moment to fawn over all the pretty petals in the bouquet above, okay? Between the florals Yonder Flower & Decor House made in this lavender wedding picture and this morning’s colorful wedding ceremony, we’re feeling more than self-confident that this year is going to be *the* best. Don’t worry, Tamara Gruner captured more than enough evidence in order to back that claim…

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